Closed on Monday and Tuesday, Law & Order is open every other day from 5pm until 1am, Fridays and Saturdays until 2am.
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Title Logo Law & OrderTitle Logo Law & Order
A moment of History

De Voetboogstraat… What a place. It all started in 16th-century. Fun times I’m telling you. Just look behind the corner, you’ll see Civic Guards marching to de Voetboogdoelen to unload their crossbows with passion, at the shooting range…

People, gathering around de Rasphuis to see new prisoners arriving for their back-breaking labor. In de Rasphuis, the effort was made to instill a sense of order and duty into the young men.

How ‘jolly’… As the time past, peace came along… but only for a short while. As the street was known for its senseless violence up until the end of the 20th-century.

Detail of the interior of the Law & Order Cocktailbar in Amsterdam.Bartender pooring a burbon in a small glass.
The boys of Law & Order posing and having fun.
De Voetboogstraat
Signature Cocktails

Angel's Face

€ 12

Calvados / Apricot Brandy / Beefeater Gin

Blood & Soil

€ 11

Maker's Mark / Martini Rosso / lemon / hops & grapefruit

Peach House Punch

€ 11

Bacardi 4 / Remy Martin / Peach Lemon / Earl Grey

Pink Pisco

€ 12

Waqar Pisco / Rhubarb / Lemon / Egg White

Almost Hollywood

€ 13

Hooghoudt Spiced / Passion Fruit / Rose Vanilla & Champagne

Law & Order Manhattan

€ 12

Maker's Mark / Martini Bianco / Port Beetroot & Pecan

Crimson Sour

€ 11

Remy Martin / Almond & Lavander / Claret / Lemon / Egg White

Pine Noir

€ 11

Gin Mare / Blackberry Wine / Maraschino / Ginger Beer

Oolongs Johnson

€ 12

Bacardi / Milky Oolong / Sauternes


€ 15

Cointreau Noir / Orange / Champagne
Nice photo of a Cocktail.Nice photo of a Cocktail.Nice photo of a Cocktail.
Mix & Match


€ 11

Gin and lime juice

Claasic Lime

€ 11

Beefeater Gin

Pickle & Dill

€ 11

Russian Standard Vodka

Cherry & Coconut

€ 11

Remy Martin Cognac


€ 10

Strawberry & Bayleaf

€ 10

Dewar's Whiskey


€ 10

Sauternes Wine

Pear & Taragon

€ 10

Grey Goose La Poire Vodka

Mandarin & Elderflower

€ 10

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